Kath, Emily and Danielle make handmade unique shoes. They believe you should walk it like you talk it and are on a mission to create high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes from sustainably sourced materials. The current sole purpose range features shoes made from seconds, off cuts, and upcycled leathers and fabrics. We are always on the hunt for eco friendly materials and are excited to be working toward a zero waste sustainable shoe industry. Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

Kath Caddy

Director of operations
Phone: 0412 351 792
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Kath is a farm girl. She grew up in northern NSW in New England. Her family have always been into Landcare and gigantic gardens. She loves plants too. She’s not great on the long Latin names, but she is helping her husband re-vegetate their farm in New England one shrub at a time. When she gets sad about the weather she goes into her shed to make shoes. She started sewing about the time she learnt to talk and she hasn’t stopped talking or sewing since. When she discovered that shoes could be made by real humans from scratch she was enthralled. Years later, she has convinced her husband that he has no need of one end of their shed and has filled it with exciting shoe making materials and machinery.

Danielle Andersson

Director of administration
Phone: 0429 661 225
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Danielle is a tree nerd and used to spend a lot of time traipsing through the bush. These days she has traded her boots in to chase her kids around the yard, but still manages to pluck the odd scientific name out when presented with a posy of grasses or leaves. She has always loved making things and finds kids the ultimate excuse for building cardboard box pirate ships, stuffed toy vampire squids and a multitude of baked treats with hidden veggies. She is super excited to be able to craft while using the three rs: reduce, reuse, recycle (she is also a waste nerd).

Emily Wade

Artistic Director
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Emily is a tree nerd at heart and a lover of all things pretty. When she’s not sprouting (literally and figuratively) long Latin names of native Australian plants, she is designing our logos and cutting out shoes in all the prettiest combinations of fabrics and leather she can find. She spends her spare moments researching the coolest vegan alternatives to leather and devising ways for us to include them into our shoes and products. Oh, and if that’s not enough to make you love her, she’s the brains behind all our excellent Sole Refresh products!