Kath, Emily and Danielle make handmade unique shoes. They believe you should walk it like you talk it and are on a mission to create high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes from sustainably sourced materials. The current sole purpose range features shoes made from seconds, off cuts, and upcycled leathers and fabrics. We are always on the hunt for eco friendly materials and are excited to be working toward a zero waste sustainable shoe industry.

Our shoes are made from the best materials we can currently find and acquire. We love working with recycled cloth. Em and Danielle are expert op-shoppers and bring home great fabrics to work with and give a second life. We love the challenge of being presented with a pre-loved piece of clothing to make into custom shoes – you know, your old shirt that has a hole right in the middle of the back? Well, we can use that. Shoes don’t take a lot of fabric.

Leather seconds and off-cuts are a favourite of Kath’s. Whilst collecting a beautiful second hand shoe finishing machine from Sydney Luggage‘s back room in February 2019, Kath made an offer on all the leftover leather from their shoe repairing days. To her astonishment, they accepted her offer with the proviso that they had some custom shoes made from it in the future. We now have a store of leather to make shoes from for many, many future customers!

For those who love new leather, we have discovered Austanners in Victoria who still tan local leather and use vegetable tannage as one of their methods for tanning leather. This is the oldest method and uses tannin extracted from bark rather than the serious chemicals involved in Chrome tanned leather. We are using their veg tanned kangaroo and cow leathers to make the most beautiful leather shoes.