Kath, Emily and Danielle make handmade unique shoes. They believe you should walk it like you talk it and are on a mission to create high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes from sustainably sourced materials.

The current sole purpose range features shoes made from seconds, off cuts, and upcycled leathers and fabrics. We are always on the hunt for eco friendly materials and are excited to be working toward a zero waste sustainable shoe industry.

We have a limited range of ready-to-wear shoes. These include:

Rachel Boots, our gorgeous traditional style leather lace ups. We have made them our own by using bright coloured leather remnants teamed with recycled fabric.

Eoisa Boots are our floppy, versatile and comfortable ankle boots. They are pull on and can be worn up or folded down. We use our softest leather and fabrics for these, so they relax around your feet for the ultimate comfort and style. They are rubber soled for extra sponginess and grip.

Our slippers are made using recycled fabrics, hand covered buttons and have natural rubber yoga mat soles for squishiness, stealth and grip.

Our sandals are made with all our leather and fabric off-cuts that are not big enough for making shoes and boots from.

We also offer custom footwear. We can make a variety of shoes to suit all sorts of needs. We are happy to fit your shoes to your feet giving you the most comfort and practicality, whilst wearing unique, stylish shoes.

We do not currently have a shop front, so please contact us if you would like to see what we’ve got in the real. We will be attending some markets where you can visit our stall to meet us and see our shoes. Our next major market will be The Lost Trades Fair in Toowoomba